Perhat Khaliq & Qetiq Concert

Ctrl Fre@k lit Uyghur rock musician, Perhat Khaliq’s concert which was part of Singapore International Festival of Arts 2016 show lineup.

Location: Victoria Theatre


Wee – Lighting Designer and Programmer

Celestine Wong – Lighting Operator

perhat_01 perhat_02 perhat_03 perhat_04 perhat_05


Ctrl Fre@k was part of W!LD RICE Theatre Festival 2016 this year and programmed lighting for the production Hotel on a ETC GIO lighting console.

Location: SIA Theatre @ LASALLE College Of The Arts


Wee – Lighting Programmer


hotel_01 hotel_02 hotel_03 hotel_04


IgnorLAND Of Its Loss

Ctrl Fre@k joins Drama Box in their community-engaged arts project @ one of Singapore’s oldest housing estate, Dakota Crescent. The project consist of art installations around the area, story telling and a theatrical play which hopes to enage audiences on the topic of decision making process of our land.

Location: Dakota Crescent


Jeffrey Yue – Technical Manager and Sound Designer

Yew Jin – Assistant Technical Manager

Wee – Lighting Designer and Multimedia Programmer


ignorland_02 ignorland_03 ignorland_04 ignorland_06 ignorland_07


Projection Mapping within GoLi – The Moving Theatre

Alignment and Blending with our Green Hippo Media Server

Alignment and Blending with our Green Hippo Media Server

Superstars Of Ballet

Ctrl Fre@k was privileged to be part of the Superstars Of Ballet show, featuring top ballet dancers from the world. Of course, we weren’t dancing but we were on the multimedia team with our Hippo V4 Boreal.

Location: Grand Theatre @ Marina Bay Sands


Wee – Multimedia Programmer and Operator

Superstars 01

Superstars 02

Superstars 03

Superstars 04

Share The Hope

Ctrl Fre@k provided technical consultancy for the facade mapping show as part of National Gallery Singapore opening festival. A full technical team was formed to manage different technical aspect. Working closely with the Video Projection Director, Milosh Luczynski and his video projection technical director, Stephan Beve, Ctrl Fre@k specified the use of Green Hippo V4 Media Server with Shape to map the contents onto the facade and to playback the high resolution contents. Ctrl Fre@k also specified the sound system to deliver a full coverage for the audiences across and ensuring that the technical requirements from the lighting designer are achieved.

Location: National Gallery Singapore


Jeffrey Yue – Technical Director

Cindy Yeong – Production Manager

Wee – Video System Designer and Programmer

Celestine Wong – Lighting Technical Manager

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer

STH 01

Ctrl Fre@k’s Hippo Corner

STH 02 STH 03 STH 04 STH 05 STH 06 STH 07 STH 08 STH 10

ETA Writeup

E-Tech Asia’s write-up

Click here for Hippo News Feature of the project

The Four Great Classical Novels in Concert

Ctrl Fre@k joins Singapore Chinese Orchestra with their new musical presentation of the 4 well-loved Chinese literary classics for Esplanade’s Huayi 2016.

Location: Concert Hall @ Esplanade, Theatres On The Bay


Wee – Co Lighting and Multimedia Designer and Programmer

SCO Huayi 01

Ctrl Fre@k Hippo V4 Karst controlled by MA2 Light console

SCO Huayi 02

SCO Huayi 03

SCO Huayi 04

SCO Huayi 05

SCO Huayi 06

Hippo V4 Visualiser used as a preview for both outputs

SCO Huayi 07

The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers – Singapore

Ctrl Fre@k was part of the Singapore run of this wonderful adventures with the Border Crossers for the closing of Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015.

Location: National Museum of Singapore


Wee – Video Engineer and Programmer

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer

Ctrl Fre@k's FullBoar 4 and Hippo V4 Boreal in action.

The LKY Musical

Ctrl Fre@k embarks on the journey with Metropolitan Productions to tell the story of Lee Kuan Yew’s life, love and the political battles before Singapore’s Independence.

Location: Sands Theatre @ Marina Bay Sands


Jeffrey Yue – Sound Designer

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer and Operator

Wee – Video Engineer and Programmer

CF FullBoar4 controlling our Hippos

CF V4 Boreal and NanoHog 4

Sound design work station in the auditorium - featuring remote control of Digico SD10T, Mac Pro running Qlab 3 and Timax Soundhub

FOH Sound Console - Digico SD10T where the action lies...

The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers

Ctrl Fre@k was in Paris with Ong Keng Sen’s new performance, commissioned for the opening of Singapour en France – le festival.

Location: Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France


Wee – Video  Engineer

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer

Dim Sum Dollies – The History Of Singapore Part 1

Ctrl Fre@k completes the Dim Sum Dollies – The History Of Singapore series by working on the re-run of Part 1

Location: Theatre @ Esplanade, Theatres On The Bay


Wee – Lighting Programmer