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Das Rheingold

Ctrl Fre@k was part of the production team for the Singapore Premiere of Wagner’s epic opera, Das Rheingold.

Location: Concert Hall, Esplanade


Wee – Multimedia System Designer and Programmer

Kingdoms Apart

Ctrl Fre@k was involved in the contemporary reimagining of the Indian epic tale The Mahabharata that resonates with the current day.

Location: Singtel Waterfront Theatre, Esplanade


Yew Jin: Associate Sound Designer

Wee: Multimedia System Designer and Programmer

Infinitely Closer

Ctrl Fre@k joins T.H.E with their latest work for the opening of Esplanade’s Singtel Waterfront Theatre.

Location: Singtel Waterfront Theatre, Esplanade


Wee – Co-Multimedia System Designer and Operator


Ctrl Fre@k provides sound and multimedia solutions to a concert that explores chinese myth.

Location: Concert Hall, Esplanade


Jeffrey – SFX Designer and Live Mixing

Wee – Multimedia System Designer and Programmer





The LKY Musical

Ctrl Fre@k is back with the rerun of The LKY Musical.

Location: Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands


Jeffrey – Sound Designer

Yew Jin – Associate Sound Designer and Operator

Jing – Associate Sound Designer

Macro – Production Engineer

Elim, Jean & Raymond – Radio Mic Operators

Wee – Multimedia System Designer and Programmer

Ed-Linddi – Multimedia Operator


The Year Of No Return

Ctrl Fre@k seeks to unravel the complications and contradictions in humanity’s responses to climate change in this hybrid production that incorporates live performance and video presentation.

Location: Victoria Theatre


Wee – Multimedia System Designer and Programmer



Ctrl Fre@k was part of the sonic-visual performance providing audio and multimedia support.
Location: Black Box, Goodman Arts Centre

Yew Jin – Sound Engineer and System Designer

Wee – Multimedia Programmer

Singapore Bicentennial Experience – Time Traveller and Pathfinder

Ctrl Fre@k embarked on a year-long journey with the Time Traveller – an indoor, 60 mins timed experience and Pathfinder – an outdoor, ‘free-to-explore’ installation featuring state-of-the-art audio, visual and lighting (AVL) systems as part of the Singapore Bicentennial Experience (SBE). This flag-ship event marked the 200th anniversary celebration of the founding of Singapore by the East India Company in 1819.

From the beginning, Ctrl Fre@k were appointed as the system designer and technical consultant for realising both the creative design and technical execution of the AVL and Show Control solutions for the entire experience. Understanding the needs of the experience and to execute to the highest level, in terms of both quality and reliability, we had gathered our collective experiences through the years and followed through the whole process from design to implementation. Apart from system design, Ctrl Fre@k also provided lighting design (entire SBE) and sound design (Act 3 and Act 5 of Time Traveller) services.

Ctrl Fre@k worked closely with various AVL equipment suppliers and vendors to ensure effective deployment and accurate installation, from playback sources through networked infrastructure and ultimately, to fixtures and instruments. Ctrl Fre@k then provided the team for system alignment, tuning and calibration. Once all the creative content is loaded, Ctrl Fre@k then took on the immersive audio mixing / programming, video media servers and lighting control programming and ultimately show-control execution and synchronisation of the entire experience.

To ensure the experience ran 13 hours a day for almost 7 months, Ctrl Fre@k also provided a team of technical operations crew that worked in conjunction with an extensive team of ushers and guides. Weekly scheduled maintenance and ad-hoc troubleshooting ensured minimal disruption of the experience that was eventually attended by 700,000 visitors.

Location: Fort Canning Park, Singapore


Jeffrey – Show Control & Sound System Designer, Sound Designer (Act 3 & 5)

Yew Jin – Show Control & Sound Engineer

Wee – Show Control, Lighting & Multimedia System Designer, Show Control & Multimedia Programmer

James Tan & Petrina Tan – Lighting Designer

Vuk – Sound Designer (Act 3 & 5)

Carey Chua: Lighting Programmer

Operation Team – Ed-Linddi, Ian Tan, Royston Lim, Kok Khuen, Elim Lew, Greg, Jean Yap, Ramizah, Wee Boon

Setup Team – Kailash, Taufiq, Darren Lee, Rong Zhao

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Excavations – Theatrical Tours at SAM

Ctrl Fre@k put on the hat of a technical producer, leading a team of staff and associates to create a site-specific, immersive theatrical-tour experience.

Location: Singapore Arts Museum


Jeffrey – Technical Producer

Wee – Multimedia Programmer

Yew Jin – Sound Designer / Programmer

Photos by Zinkie Aw

A Singapore Carol

Ctrl Fre@k celebrated Christmas with W!ld Rice’s new heartwarming and hilarious Pantomine.

Location: Victoria Theatre


Wee – Multimedia Programmer

Yew Jin – Multimedia Operator