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Fun Home

Ctrl Fre@k witness the different stages of life with her family, as Alison grew up in a dysfunctional family.

Location: Theatre @ Drama Centre


Wee – Lighting Programmer

Jeffrey – Sound Designer

Yew Jin – Sound Operator

Spectres LIVE

Ctrl Fre@k joins in the experimental journey of visual and sound with Singapore artist, composer and sound designer Zai Tang and various musicians from the local Indie scene.

Location: 72-13 @ TheatreWorks


Yew Jin – Mixing Engineer

Wee – Multimedia Programmer

Itsy – The Musical

Ctrl Fre@k enters into the world of nursery rhyme and puppetry with The Finger Players as we were involved with both audio and lighting for the production.

Location: Victoria Theatre


Jeffrey – Sound System Designer

Yew Jin – Sound Operator

Wee – Lighting Programmer

Body X 2.0 – The Rehearsal

Ctrl Fre@k managed and designed sound in the second edition of Body X. Directed by Li Xie & Danny Yeo, Body X is a site specific theatre piece that takes audiences into an “open world” setting, challenging our designers to be discreet and immersive.

Location: The Arts House


Cindy Yeong – Production Manager

Jeffrey Yue – Sound Design

Yew Jin – Sound Design




Ctrl Fre@k controlled both audio and lighting for Pangdemonium’s new production, Rent.

Location: Theatre @ Drama Centre


Jeffrey Yue: Sound Designer

Yew Jin: Sound Operator

Wee – Lighting Programmer






IgnorLAND Of Its Loss

Ctrl Fre@k joins Drama Box in their community-engaged arts project @ one of Singapore’s oldest housing estate, Dakota Crescent. The project consist of art installations around the area, story telling and a theatrical play which hopes to enage audiences on the topic of decision making process of our land.

Location: Dakota Crescent


Jeffrey Yue – Technical Manager and Sound Designer

Yew Jin – Assistant Technical Manager

Wee – Lighting Designer and Multimedia Programmer







Projection Mapping within GoLi – The Moving Theatre

Alignment and Blending with our Green Hippo Media Server

Alignment and Blending with our Green Hippo Media Server

Share The Hope

Ctrl Fre@k provided technical consultancy for the facade mapping show as part of National Gallery Singapore opening festival. A full technical team was formed to manage different technical aspect. Working closely with the Video Projection Director, Milosh Luczynski and his video projection technical director, Stephan Beve, Ctrl Fre@k specified the use of Green Hippo V4 Media Server with Shape to map the contents onto the facade and to playback the high resolution contents. Ctrl Fre@k also specified the sound system to deliver a full coverage for the audiences across and ensuring that the technical requirements from the lighting designer are achieved.

Location: National Gallery Singapore


Jeffrey Yue – Technical Director

Cindy Yeong – Production Manager

Wee – Video System Designer and Programmer

Celestine Wong – Lighting Technical Manager

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer

STH 01

Ctrl Fre@k’s Hippo Corner

STH 02

STH 03

STH 04

STH 05

STH 06

STH 07

STH 08

STH 10

ETA Writeup

E-Tech Asia’s write-up

Click here for Hippo News Feature of the project

The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers – Singapore

Ctrl Fre@k was part of the Singapore run of this wonderful adventures with the Border Crossers for the closing of Singapore International Festival of Arts 2015.

Location: National Museum of Singapore


Wee – Video Engineer and Programmer

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer

Ctrl Fre@k’s FullBoar 4 and Hippo V4 Boreal in action.

The LKY Musical

Ctrl Fre@k embarks on the journey with Metropolitan Productions to tell the story of Lee Kuan Yew’s life, love and the political battles before Singapore’s Independence.

Location: Sands Theatre @ Marina Bay Sands


Jeffrey Yue – Sound Designer

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer and Operator

Wee – Video Engineer and Programmer

CF FullBoar4 controlling our Hippos

CF V4 Boreal and NanoHog 4

Sound design work station in the auditorium – featuring remote control of Digico SD10T, Mac Pro running Qlab 3 and Timax Soundhub

FOH Sound Console – Digico SD10T where the action lies…

The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers

Ctrl Fre@k was in Paris with Ong Keng Sen’s new performance, commissioned for the opening of Singapour en France – le festival.

Location: Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France


Wee – Video  Engineer

Marco Curcio – Sound Engineer