Hippotizer V4+

World-class, market-leading solutions for real-time playback and 3D mapping.

Tierra+ MK2

The go-to for demanding large event production.

Boreal+ MK2

The standard for touring media servers

Karst+ MK2

Unparalleled power and flexibility built into a custom, tour-ready case

Mayon+ MK2

2x HDMI output Hippotizer system to effortlessly drive smaller live events and installations.

Amba+ MK2

A compact and powerful 1U media server


The small, yet powerful 1/2 RU Media Server

Hippotizer Prep

Pre-program from the comfort of your own PC or laptop. Encode media or program a show with the full host of Hippotizer components.

Hippotizer Play

Free, Demo version of the Hippotizer V4+ software

Axis Auto Alignment

Taking the guess work out of projector alignment