Show Design

Ctrl Fre@k provides one-stop design services for Sound, Light & Multimedia in the areas of Events, Concerts and Theatre. Our leading edge is the ability to integrate all design and technical elements across disciplines to ultimately serve the production.

System Design

Ctrl Fre@k designs integrated solutions for Sound, Light & Multimedia system for both shows and installations. We enable conceptualisers, artists and content providers alike to turn what’s in their heads into what ‘wows’ the audiences.

Technical Theatre Consultancy

Ctrl Fre@k designs and specify specialist theatre equipment, infrastructure systems and layout, auxiliary theatre support facilities like inter-communications, paging, show relay, etc. for permanent installations ranging from theatres, house of worships to clubs.  We also provide services pertaining to measurement, testing and commissioning of systems.


Ctrl Fre@k provides programming services for a wide range of Sound, Light & Multimedia products.

Lighting Console

  • grandMA 1, 2 & 3
  • WholeHog 2, 3 & 4
  • ETC EOS Family
  • Strand 500 series & Light Palette
  • Martin Maxxyz
  • Avolites Pearl

Lighting Architectural Systems

  • ETC Paradigm
  • ETC Mosaic

Media Server

  • Green Hippo Hippotizer V3 & V4 Media Server
  • Catalyst Media Server
  • High End Systems Axon Media Server, DL3 & DLV
  • MA Lighting MA Video Media Server

Show Control Server / Software

  • Medialon Show and Media Control
  • Figure 53 Q lab software
  • Richmond Sound Design Showman software

Audio Show Control Server / Software

  • Meyersound LCS Series Systems
  • Outboard UK Timax
  • Richmond Sound Design AudioBox II

Measurement, Testing and Prediction

  • Meyersound SIM 3 Audio Analyser System
  • Rational Acoustics Smaart v.7.
  • Metric Halo SpectaFoo
  • Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (E.A.S.E)

Large format Digital Audio Consoles / Network Solutions

  • Industrial flag ship products like Digico SD7, Midas XL8 and Pro series, Studer Vista 6, etc.
  • Audio networking/distribution framework like Stagetec Nexus, Optocore, etc.


Ctrl Fre@k conducts lighting console and media server training for the following brands: grandMA, WholeHog, ETC, Catalyst & Green Hippo. We also provide workshop and masterclass for the above mentioned products.


Ctrl Fre@k has the following control systems for hire:

  • Hippotizer V4 Boreal+ Media Server
  • Hippotizer V4 Karst+ Media Server
  • Hippotizer V3 HD Media Server
  • Hippotizer V3 Grasshopper Media Server
  • Catalyst V5 Media Server
  • Qlab 2, 3 & 4 Systems
  • TiMax2 Soundhub
  • MOTU Audio Interface
  • Metric Halo Audio Interface
  • ETC GIO lighting console
  • ETC ION lighting console
  • ETC Nomad
  • ETC Mosaic
  • ETC Paradigm
  • HES Full Boar 4 lighting console
  • HES NanoHog 4 lighting console
  • HES DP8000 & Super Widget
  • MA3 Compact lighting console
  • MA2 OnPC Command Wing & 2 Port Node


Ctrl Fre@k is a proud dealer for the following products:

  • Green Hippo Media Server