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Dairy Farm Dinner & Dance 2011

Ctrl Fre@k sent our Hippo Media Server to our 2nd year of the Dairy Farm Dinner & Dance.

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Sands Ballroom


Wee – Video Designer and Programmer

Rolling Good Times

APRCE 2011

Ctrl Fre@k Video Jockey-ed APRCE 2011 using our new Green Hippo Media Server.

Location: Suntec Ballroom


Kailash – VJ

APRCE 2011

Night Lights 2011

Ctrl Fre@k technically managed Night Lights 2011.

Location: Around Singapore Arts Museum


Jeffrey – Technical Manager (Le Nuage, Perspective Lyrique, Curiousite)

Wee – Technical Manager (Le Nuage, Perspective Lyrique) & Lighting Programmer (Parking Mad @ Singapore Arts Museum)

Yongfa – Technical Manager (Lampounettes)

Wei Ling – Technical Manager (Parking Mad)

Gabriel Chan – Technical Manager (The Fish Tree, Space Invaders )

Roy Lee – Technical Manager (The Fish Tree)

Terrence Tan – Lighting Programmer (Parking Mad @ National Museum)

Ctrl Fre@k Wholehog 3 – Lighting Console (Parking Mad)

Le Nuage


Perspective Lyrique

Space Invaders

Parking Mad


The Fish Tree

SingaPop 2011

Ctrl Fre@k celebrated 50 years of Singapore Pop music with EDB’s 50th Anniversary.

Location: Promontory @ Marina Bay


Wee – Lighting Designer and Programmer (FX Lighting)

Lighting & Video World

Kit Chan


NDP2011 Majulah! The Singapore Spirit

Ctrl Fre@k celebrated with Singapore her 46th birthday!

Location: The Float @ Marina Bay


Yongfa – Production Manager (Technical)



President Hand Shake

Global Forum on Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

Ctrl Fre@k went for a health check and provided technical support to this medical forum in Beijing.

Location: Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall, Beijing, China


Yongfa – Video Projection

Video Corner


Herman Miller Sayl Chair Launch 2011

Ctrl Fre@k lights up the runway for a stylish chair launch.

Location: Monu


Wee – Lighting Designer and Programmer

Avolites Tiger


Dairy Farm Dinner & Dance 2010

Ctrl Fre@k brought in a Road Hog Fullboar and Catalyst for Dairy Farm.

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Sands Ballroom


Wee: Video Programmer

Fullboar & Catalyst

Dairy Farm

National Day Parade 2009

Ctrl Fre@k celebrating NDP2009 onsite with all Singaporeans!!!

Location: Floating Stadium @ Marina Bay, Singapore


Jeffrey – Sound Designer

Wee – Lighting System Designer & Programmer

GrandMA – Main Consoles

GrandMA2 – Backup Consoles